Malibu Autobahn Summer Kick Off 2019

One of the best ways to start your summer is with a drive. Whether it is to clear your head, to fill that need for an adrenaline rush, or to get out and enjoy the summer weather; we can all agree that it’ll put a smile on your face, so that’s exactly what we did. We went out to the summer kick off of the Malibu Autobahn Meetups and had a great time with new and old friends.

There were far more cars than last years meet up. It is always really fun and inspiring to see meet ups grow and develop. Malibu Autobahn has continued to grow and bring in some of the coolest cars out in Southern California.

The meet up started with an RSVP; once confirmed a few days before, we were ready for the drive. I knew a few other people going that i hadn’t seen in ages so I was even more excited than usual for a meet up. Once we got to the meet up in Malibu at the beach it was already packed at 8AM. Once parked we walked the cars, and of course took some pictures (see below) and headed over to the tent where they had coffee, donuts and the map for the drive and end destination. Due to some unexpected road closures though the destination was moved from a northern spot down to another beach known as Dockweiler Beach in the South Bay. The caravan was still immensely fun and the end spot had another great beach view.

I will say the one thing I felt lacking was a solid car show, or some food trucks at the end to make it more of an event. I feel the meet ups are marketed in a way that they are exclusive and mind blowing, but it was a simple fun car meet up and drive. I would love to see something more from them in the future.

Below are some shots from the event. A few of the rides really stood out to me, namely the Lamborghini with Carbon Kevlar  fenders and wheel wells; as well as this white BMW M6 that sounded so mean and looked devilishly good – Clean White with burgundy wheels. There was also this artist drawing on his Camaro whit a sharpie making some incredible designs, and currently has 200+ hours into it.

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