Bimmerfest 2019

This year was the 20th anniversary of Bimmerfest west out here in beautiful Southern California. Just like last year it was held at the AAA AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, CA.

This year seemed like hands down the largest in years; between the Speed Ventures Autocross and Track Day, Steelcity RC, Vendor Village, Biergarten, and insane aray of BMWs for the Bimmerfest car show it was a site to see. Last year we was only able to attend on Sunday and we definitely missed out. This year we went Saturday and we were not disappointed! This really was a speed festival with a little bit of everything.

Speed Ventures was running a weekend track day which was for absolutely anyone who wanted to get there car on the track; they even had instructors for beginners. SCCA was there as well as the CalClub SCCA Autocross was taking place right by the kart track. A nice addition this year was the shuttle from vendor village down to the autocross track, so you didn’t have to hoof it all the way outside of the stadium.

We started the day by walking through vendor village and seeing some of the beautiful show cars, slammed and wrapped and absolutely spotless, along side some sweet track cars. We then headed over to the pits to walk through and see the powerhouses that were out on the track, followed by some food at vendor village to eat while we watched the coming races. After a few races we decided to go walk through the Battle of the Bimmers car show as well as the vintage classic coral. If you could think of it, they had it. From wagons, to alpinas, to 1600s and 2002s they had it all. Walking through the sea of car I managed to of course find the few that were for sale, which I took note of. The best part of it all, was my girlfriend Jenna right next to me the entire time with a huge smile snaping pictures of her favorite cars.

What really surprised us both was on our way out at the Steelcity RC track…. It was PACKED, so we figured we would investigate. Once in and speaking to everyone, it was the 1/10th scale World Championships! I had no idea that there even was an RC World Championship and I certainly did not know the detail that went into these RC racecars. They were so intricate and unbelievably cool. Jenna was saying how she would love to race them and I kept thinking how cool that would be and to have the body match our next build!

All in all a wonderful day filled with Bimmers! Check out a few photos from the day below. We also have a highlight on our Instagram if you want to see more from the races!

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