I was extremely excited to finally go to the Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS). I had heard some great things about it and it was a nice drive down to Long Beach to go check it out.  As the largest classic Japanese car show in North America, the variety at the JCCS 2018 was impressive. The event had early 10,000 spectators attend who were able to see almost 500 vehicles!

The interesting thing about this year was that the JCCS changed up the year/make guidelines that had been strictly enforced for years prior. This year cars from 1995 and older would be aloud in where as before there was a 1985 cut-off. I was originally thinking I would see a ton of CVCC and E-AT Civics and hopefully an S600; however, with the new cut off date, I was able to see the massively popular EF and EG Civic, DC chassis Integra, newer model Accord and Prelude families.

When I first walked up to get in the line was around the block going down Shoreline, which many s a portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix, I was just so excited looking at the different old school rides behind the fence we were at the entrance gate in no time. Once in, there was a whole row of vendors and food trucks, and the entire grass area of Marina Park was cover in nostalgic rides.

I started by walking down vendor row and was happy to see some stunning builds by many of the booths. There was even this awesome booth that had old school models. They had some awesome kits I hadn’t see since I was a kid. Once I got to the end of the vendor row, I went up onto the grass in the Honda section.

Once up onto the grass, it was great to see the collection of Honda’s. There were some 1st gen civics, CVCC’s and one of my favorites, the S-series. What really made me happy to see was the amount of EF’s and preludes. With the change in the year cut off, a few beautiful NSX’s showed up. After drooling over the perfect Honda section, I started to wonder through the rest of the show. It was great to see the creativity of some builds, while seeing perfectly restored rides as well. From stunning 240z’s to 510’s, this turned out to be a great weekend show.

I will definitely be coming next year, and hopefully will have the E-AT finished with its first stages. For now, enjoy the photos below.

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