Napa Car Show

This past month my girlfriend and I took a trip up to San Francisco to celebrate our Anniversary, and take a day trip up to Napa. We started the trip off right by renting a 335i convertible BMW through the new app Turo, where you can rent private party cars from people. Its an interesting concept that made renting a car way easier than normal. I would highly recommend looking into and downloading the app. Its even not a bad idea if you want to test out a car before you buy it.

We picked up the BMW and got to our Air B&B; sat on the couch and started planing our day in Napa.

The next morning we woke up and started the beautiful drive. We took the long way around going across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Muir Woods and then through Sonoma and finally to Napa for dinner.

The next morning we got up and started to head toward the wineries when I spy a car show from the freeway. As we are going along i just blurt out during our conversation “CAR SHOW!” and my incredible girlfriend immediately replies with “Sweet I’m in lets go!” We pull off and find this old school car show with some beautiful rides. Check out the shots below, this time my girlfriend had her camera so we were able to get some better shots.


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