Bimmerfest 2018

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bimmerfest 2018, as always I had a blast. I truly love this event. There was a dyno for those who wanted to show their power without tracking there car. There was autocross, track day racing put on by Speed Ventures, a road course challenge put on by Bilstein, a car show, tons of vendors all around BMWs not to mention since the AAA Auto Club Speedway has multiple tracks; there was also karting and RC racing going on. This year was my girlfriends first time going an she loved it! it was so much fun seeing such a huge smile on her face and seeing her run up and look at so many of her favorite cars.

The culture of the BMW family is so strong. Every year this is a huge two day event. Most events I have been to at this Speedway, besides the massive professional level events, simply are not this big. I love being able to walk through and see everything from a brand new M4, to a prestine E36 to a radical E46; and then turn the corner and see a 2002 lined up with an E30 and an E31 luxury 8 series. For me its a time to walk down vendor row, and see what new parts companies are developing. So many of these companies have beautiful products; from suspension, to aerodynamics, to wheels and brakes, there was a little bit of everything. Being able to just walk right up and speak with these companies not only give me the opportunity to network, but to see which way I might want to take Wolf’s Den Motorsports with. I will leave that for another post though. While I was at the Black Widow Exhausts booth, they fired up one of their rides which sounded amazing. Once they were done I went over and inspected the aero parts on the car by MFR Engineer. MFR is making some really sweet stuff that seems to be extremely durable.

The one thing I am guaranteed to have happen at Bimmerfest each year is for my love for Bimmers to be stirred up. Soon after I bought my first E36 I knew exactly why people loved these cars. There was a connection I could just feel when I drove it. A few years later and I built an E30 track car and my passion only grew deeper. It has been awhile since I have owned a Bimmer, but every year at Bimmerfest that love is reignited. Check out a few shots I was able to get before my phone died (I know… I forgot my camera and my phone charger).




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